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Family Cycling Website Cyclesprog Give The ARX 20 A Big Thumbs Up!

Cyclesprog, a website that aims to provide an online “handbook” for parents containing all the information they need to get cycling with their children, have been reviewing the ARX 20 and after several weeks of testing, in all conditions, the verdict is in…

Giant ARX 20 Kidsk Bike - Roe Valley Cycles - Northern Ireland

Opting to test the green option, thanks to to how bright it was compared to other bikes and the fact “it looked cool”, the reviewers commented that the bike “gave a very stable ride’ and ‘the lightweight frame was well balanced.”

From a parents point of view “it was easy to load into the car, pull up onto pavements from the road, and for the girls to lift up steps”.

The ARX is fitted with lightweight components that are sized specifically for young riders, including cranksets and cockpit components and this was recognised by the testers when “on rides of up to 2 hours they reported no discomfort either from riding position, comfort and seating’ and commenting that ‘the brake levers were well positioned for both girls to use, especially Jessica who has smaller hands, and she had no problems at all.”

Summing up the experience, the review reads “overall the girls enjoyed the Giant, it looked the part and did what they wanted it to do. Katherine was a little sad when the trial period was over”.

But also importantly from a parents viewpoint, the children parents noted that “the bike was well built, though light, performed above my initial expectations, the quick release seat height adjustment was a very welcome added bonus and I would have been very happy with my purchase.”

To conclude, when asked if they enjoyed their experience of reviewing the Giant ARX 20, the girls gave an over-whelming positive “Yeah!”

Read the full review here.

Source: Giant UK

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