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ENHANCE VISIBILITY – Introducing the all-new Recon headlight series

The all-new Recon headlight series provides a more consistent lumen output and a longer run time than any other comparable light on the market. It is also Giant’s first headlight series which utilises a smart function that adjusts your light output depending on your speed and the amount of ambient light. From casual commuter to seasoned pro, wherever and whenever you ride, the Recon headlight will give you the power, dependability, and safety you need.


Reliable Lumen Output

ANSI certified, the Recon light series not only shines brighter, it lasts longer. Giant’s Electronic Control Design (ECD) generates a constant electric current throughout the complete runtime cycle, helping to maintain stable light levels that last longer at high output. Additionally, the power indicator will turn on blinking mode when the battery reaches less than 20% to remind you to charge the light after your ride.


The Recon HL1600 provides the highest consistent lumen output over market competitors.


The Recon HL1600 provides a longer overall usage time versus comparable lights in the marketplace.


ECD prevents the Recon from suddenly turning off as battery power gets low and provides a minimum of thirty minutes in warning mode to ensure you finish your ride safely.


Pair your Recon light with your Giant RideSense sensor to activate the SpeedBeam¹ function, and automatically adjust output based on your speed – ride faster and the light gets brighter. The Recon light also uses Smart Mode² to monitor ambient light and change output to ensure you have enough light to finish your ride. Moreover, pair your Recon with a Garmin computer³, to see battery information and light mode on the screen.

¹ – The Recon HL 1600/900 feature SpeedBeam technology.

² – The Recon HL1600/900/700 feature the Smart Mode function.

³ – The Recon HL1600/900 can pair with Garmin Edge® 520, 820, 1000 and 1030 devices.


Need to save space and mount your computer and light in the same place? Want to have your light mounted directly on your helmet or via an adjustable GoPro mount? The Recon Complete Mount Solution does it all. The redesigned rail mounting system provides a stronger, more secure base to keep the light centered and stable, even while hammering the roughest of roads or trails.

Source: Giant UK

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