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Bike Mag Reviews Recon Lights: “Slim, Light and Bright”

The new series of Recon lights offers a more consistent lumen output and longer run times, with some featuring a smart function that adjusts light output depending on a rider’s speed. Engel tested four models—the HL1600, HL900, HL700 and HL500. Each is named according to maximum lumen output, with the 1600 being the most powerful.

Looking at the current market of high-performance cycling headlights, Engel wrote: “Now the field is wide, the value is high and the competition is fierce. That’s why, this spring, Giant revamped its headlights, introducing the Recon lineup. Recon’s fit, finish and function is at least on par with self-contained lights from brands who do nothing but.”

Engel ended up using the HL900 the most for trail riding. “Slim, light and bright, this is what is still on my bike,” he wrote. “There’s something about the narrow form factor and aluminum body that make it feel like something I’ll have for years. Plus, at just over 100 grams, it’s on par with what I used to carry as a bail-out light. The focal point spreads out slightly, but stays plenty bright to see the difference between dirt that’s jagged and firm or smooth and loose. On most of the trails I ride, that are relatively narrow and overgrown, I got plenty of illumination at the 450-lumen setting, which reliably lasted for about three hours.”

For more, check out the full review on the Bike magazine website.

And for all the details on the full new line of Recon Front Lights, click here.

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